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Do-it-yourself or outsourcing of the property?

Such questions are increasingly being asked not only by investors, but also by retail property buyers.

Any business includes two areas of activity. This is, first of all, the conduct of the business itself and the tools for its support - technical and service maintenance. Everyone who invests in real estate for the purpose of making a profit is a businessman.

The very idea of ​​attracting a company to the maintenance of real estate objects and the collection of an investment package has long been considered the norm in the West.

As a rule, misunderstanding of investment attractiveness, proper operation of real estate, without violating the requirements of the law, ensuring its safety, without unnecessary costs, is inherent in the owners of the second wave. For them, real estate is not just an asset inherited from a shareware privatization. For them, the object is a means of returning the money invested, while they want to control all the processes themselves. We organize the entire process competently and professionally.

Alas, at present, these services are not formatted, do not have a clear structure, which repels the owner. However, we have developed a system of standards for the operation of your facilities, starting points for professional analysis of the stability and instability of the market, taking into account the strict criteria of the customer.

Our advice remains professional, our staff is caring, and our reporting is accurate and timely.

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