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So, you have decided to buy an apartment / villa on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and
absolutely right!
Currently, only the lazy did not write about Turkey, Antalya, about prices,
Russian products, the presence or absence of buckwheat, sour cream, etc. Morals and customs
the local population is also pretty much discussed on the Internet.
However, as the famous Wikipedia points out, “The degree of distortion of meaning is directly
proportional to the number of channels and transmission links through which the
information: the more employees get access to this or that information and
transfers it to other people, the more the final version of the information differs from
its original meaning. In addition, it is worth considering that information can
change both in the direction of understating the reliability of facts, and in the direction of
exaggeration "
We have prepared a short memo for future happy owners, what exactly
you need to know, regardless of whether the realtor will tell you about it or not.
Please note that our company INEST HOMES is very detailed
advises on all matters related to real estate and social life in
1. A foreigner can own a real estate object, for
the exclusion of some areas classified as special objects.
2. Ownership is confirmed by only one document, it is called
TAPU SENEDI, short for Tapu. You can lose it, it’s not scary, tk. in
system of the Cadastral Chamber, you are listed as the owner. If you have lost
this document, coffee was spilled on it, the children threw it into the fire, or
any other situations, then we will easily and quickly help you recover
this document.
3.From the moment of obtaining ownership - Tapu, you immediately acquire 3
rights: the right to own, use and dispose of their property.
A foreigner is not limited in his right by virtue of the citizenship of another
state. These rights mean: direct use, opportunity
making a profit (for example, renting out housing), and also determine
the further fate of your thing (apartment / villa) by selling, donating,
4. The institution of registration at the place of residence (propiska) is also provided for in
Republic of Turkey. You will face the registration of your home address
when applying for a residence permit, or replacing / obtaining a driver's license, etc.
interactions with the state. The institution of residence serves, before
all in order to inform the state where to look for you.
INEST HOMES will teach you how to interact with various
authorities and will show where the various services are located and what functions they
5. You are responsible for your property. If during the period of your
absence in the country you have not paid the next service fees
residential complex (aydat), either a pipe burst and clogged, or your
tenants violate public order, then answer you in any
case. Sometimes, resolving the issues that have arisen will require costs. therefore
do not forget about your responsibility.
6. You are required to pay taxes and current payments. The main types of such
payments refers to:

- land tax (payment at the end of each year);
- tax from renting out housing (payment from 01.03.-31.03.);
- Aydat (from the Turkish word "ay" month) is a monthly payment for the content
residential complex.

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