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To have a wonderful private house on the Mediterranean coast, built using modern building technologies, with its own swimming pool, sauna, fitness, even with an elevator inside the building, in general, as in the picture, is the dream of every second person. Who is this first I do not know, but this is what the statistics say.

A villa is bought for several reasons:

- Acquire citizenship by combining documents with a wonderful home of your own. Such objects, as a rule, show a high cadastral value of the object and you do not have to "collect a package" of purchases from several apartments.

- Come on vacation several times a year, invite friends, show your status with such an expensive purchase.

- Investments. Yes Yes exactly. I will give an example of 2019-2020. The cost of villas within the city has increased by more than 1 million lire. In just a year.

For a long time, applications for the construction of a villa according to their own project from foreigners have gained momentum.

Here you cannot do without professionals in this area. Starting with the choice of a land plot (intended use of the site), ending with a licensed contractor.

Our company INEST HOMES organizes and controls all stages of this process - selection of a site, verification of documents, registration of a transaction, interaction with an architect, a turnkey construction company.


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