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Inna Danilova CEO of INEST HOMES

I have a higher education in law, twenty years of experience as a lawyer. I am a specialist in support of transactions of purchase and sale of housing in the Republic of Turkey for foreign citizens.

I work in real estate in Turkey for over 12 years, working with proven and reliable developers.

My personal assets include a large number of transactions, contract law, settlement of disputes, professional registration of citizenship. I know the peculiarities of local legislation, including obtaining a mortgage loan, I am well-versed in the housing market of different price categories of the Antalya coast.

I know English and Turkish languages. I will help professionally, with maximum comfort, and in the short term to become the owner of an apartment, house or villa on the Mediterranean coast. It is easier than you thought!

Our employees

Maria Sinopalnikova

Portfolio manager

I have a higher education in psychology, economics, accounting and auditing. I was trained in the United States of America. I have a ten-year experience as a personal assistant to the manager in a large company in Moscow, the experience of managing a sports complex in the city of Antalya. I am a specialist in the individual selection of properties according to the requirements of the buyer, the settlement of disputes, cooperation with proven developers, financial analysis of the investment package. I am well-versed in the peculiarities of local legislation, Interaction with banks for mortgage loans, analysis of different price categories of Antalya coast.

I know Russian, English and Turkish. Investing in real estate gives the owner several advantages at once: rental income, depreciation, appreciation, tax advantages. Asking people of the older generation about investing, you will get the answer that they have seen a lot and that investing in real estate remains a reliable way. And they are absolutely right. Property values in attractive cities are rising faster than inflation, and Antalya is certainly a very attractive city.

Irina Okay

Human Resources Manager

I have higher economic education, since 2006 I was a founder of the social organization of the Russian diaspora in Antalya, I took part in international conferences of compatriots, I know from within the issues of integration of foreigners in a foreign country, I was a member of the Antalya Businesswomen Association. Extensive experience in tourism. Work experience in real estate since 2008. Responsible, disciplined, solving a wide range of questions of acquisition, registration and arrangement. With an active social position, cheerful and positive person.

At the forefront of my work I put a professional approach to business, a thorough study of the buyer's request, what need he closes his purchase, full support and accompaniment on legal matters, after-sales service, extensive experience in processing Turkish citizenship, the collection of documents, full support.

We bring you closer to your dreams, we believe there is more happiness when you share it.

Ksenia Serova

Lead Sales Specialist.

I have a higher education in state and municipal management, I also have a diploma from the Presidential Management Training Program, I graduated from the Grammar School with advanced study of English with a specialization in Business English interpreter and translator. I have been working in Antalya since 2002 in the tourism industry, particularly in the hotel sector. I am a specialist in the selection of real estate, taking into account all the requirements of the buyer, sociable and responsible.

Sergei Antonov

Fethiye Office Manager

Hello. My name is Sergey, for over 5 years I have been helping people find their dream property! I have a construction education and know exactly what a quality built project looks like. I have experience selling both primary and secondary homes. My character is businesslike, I always approach my work responsibly. At the same time I like to laugh, joke, try to treat life with humor and positivity. My hobby is sports. I am engaged in martial arts, in my student years I played basketball for my college. More than anything, I value relationships with people. Family and friends are the most valuable things a person has. When you contact me you will be sure you made your choice wisely!

Katerina Aktas

Lead Sales Manager

My name is Ekaterina, I work as a real estate sales manager at INEST HOMES. I was born in Belarus, in Minsk, where I graduated from Leningrad State University of Foreign Languages, majoring in translation and organization of socio-cultural activities with knowledge of two foreign languages, I also studied at the Belarusian State Economic University, majoring in economics and management of hotels and restaurants. I have been living in Turkey for about 10 years, so I know the culture, districts and also speak fluent Turkish. I worked in the tourism and catering sectors in management positions prior to becoming a real estate agent, so I always understand what the client wants and try to select the best deals from the criteria that are so important to our clients.

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