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When submitting documents for registration of a sale and purchase transaction, donation, exchange, the Cadastral Department of the city of Antalya provides the buyer with all information regarding the presence of various kinds of encumbrances, litigation, claims of banks, the composition of the owners of the object. If there are any, none of the employees of the Department will hide it from you.

Object selection. After you have decided on the object that you want to purchase, our company provides you with full information about

  • the legal purity of this object
  • the presence of an iskan near a residential building
  • are there internet cable connections to the house
  • the possibility of gasification of the house
  • size of idat
  • information about the management company and feedback on its work

Final price agreement. It seems obvious to shake hands and agreements have been reached, but the seller will not always fulfill such agreements.

There were cases when, without a written agreement, the exchange rate changed in a couple of days and the seller, wishing to increase the value, refused to conclude an agreement. In order to avoid such a situation, a written sales contract is drawn up between the parties, indicating the essential conditions in it, as well as the amount of the fine for unilateral refusal of the transaction. This agreement is signed by both parties and the Real Estate Agency, which is a witness to the agreements reached.

Ordering an expert opinion on the cadastral value of the property.

The conclusion is prepared within one day, the service is paid and, as a rule, the buyer pays for it.

Preparation by the Agency of a package of documents for state registration of the transfer of ownership (translation of a passport and notarization, obtaining a tax number, etc.).

When registering a transaction with the participation of a foreigner, the presence of a sworn translator is mandatory. He signs in the book of transactions and is responsible for the correctness of the translation, up to the criminal.

Submission of an application for registration of a transaction.

  • We hand over the documents to the Cadastral Department.
  • After lunch, we come to the Cadastral Department to sign and get Tapu
  • After submitting the documents, the buyer is obliged to pay a tax of 4% of the cadastral value of the object, as well as a state fee. This is done by bank transfer only.

Providing information to the City Administration about the change of ownership (performed by the Agency).

Celebrating the purchase of an apartment.

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