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Professional service in the Turkish real estate market

Many real estate firms offer online purchase of an apartment. However, we advise you to do this only when you have been working with a realtor for a long time, we are sure that the realtor will be able to see and check for hidden flaws in the apartment. And also in cases where the purchase is intended for investment, i.e. subsequent resale. If you are planning to purchase an apartment just for yourself, living or resting, then you need to come and see the object on the spot. All self-respecting companies use photos of excellent quality, but these photos will not be able to convey the internal atmosphere of housing, the surrounding area, crooked floors or walls. You will be able to see and feel it exclusively on your own. How we plan the study visit. We will contact you on the received application, specify the time of arrival, book a hotel that suits your needs, help you find air tickets at the best price. We personally meet you at the airport, check in to the hotel. After resting from the flight, we start working with you. We provide these services completely free of charge. After completing the purchase and sale transaction with our agency, Inest Homes will compensate you for either the cost of staying at the hotel or air tickets by agreement and depending on the purchase price.

You are interested in this or that object on our website, or our employees have selected an object on an individual request, we will organize for you an online display of real estate and the surrounding area, walk with a camera along the neighboring streets, show the view from the window. These services are included in the basic concept of our service and are provided completely free of charge.

The head of Inest Homes has 20 years of experience as a lawyer, has all the necessary knowledge in the field of prevention of litigation and legal delays. In addition, we cooperate with 3 law offices in Antalya, 1 office in Istanbul. These are the most qualified lawyers with many years of experience. Legal advice for clients of Inest Homes is provided free of charge. In case you need to hire a lawyer, then we guarantee a substantial discount from law offices.

Acquisition of real estate in Turkey for any amount gives the right to obtain a residence permit (residence permit). The purchase of real estate for a total amount of USD 250,000 or more allows you to apply for the citizenship of the Republic under the investment program. In this case, permanent residence in the country is not a criterion for obtaining citizenship. It is very difficult for many clients to deal with the preparation of these documents on their own, therefore, we undertake all the worries about obtaining a residence permit or Citizenship.

The Internet is a great and powerful thing, but even with it it is not always possible to achieve the desired result. For example, learn about the surroundings and in what interesting establishments outside the city it is pleasant and tasty to have breakfast. Go to Nikolai Ugodnik and on the way from 20 cafes to visit the most delicious and taste blue crabs. Organize a holiday for your child with clowns and exactly red balloons, while as in the shops you did not find red balls. For our regular customers, we organize private excursion trips along the coast, in which you will learn the rich history of Antalya, see what hotel guides do not offer. We will advise and reserve a table in an unusual restaurant for your culinary tastes. You can safely entrust us with the organization of your leisure time, because we have explored as much as possible those places that we will recommend to you.

No matter how you prepare for the move, it is impossible to remotely comprehend all the subtleties of life in the country. No matter how well you know English, in Turkey the native language is Turkish. This language is not impossible and it is possible and necessary to learn it. We help you not to feel like blind kittens, but to enjoy life at sea and not regret buying. We do not divide the family according to the service, we will help each family member in adaptation: we will help to find a job, to assign children to school. We, of course, are not magicians, but we can do something and want to do it for our customers.

It would seem that it could be easier to pay for a communal apartment. But even here you must always be aware of the events that are taking place in your residential complex. In addition to the obligatory aydats (monthly payment for the maintenance of the complex), the management companies can decide to pay for the demirbash (as a rule, it meets once a year for additional needs of the complex: sun loungers broke, buy flowers, etc.), if you are not in Turkey , you may not know about such a fee and a debt will be formed. Also timely payment of taxes. Agree, it will be very convenient for you if you no longer need to worry about all payments, we will track everything ourselves, inform you about it and make the payment.

Our company strives to improve the quality of work in the field of real estate, to show
Our transparency to you. Each customer is important to us, as teamwork
often develops into a long-term friendship, which we value very much.
INEST HOMES has expanded the list of its FREE
- Buying budget furniture. In recent years, prices for almost everything have risen
essential. It is very expensive to furnish a purchased apartment, however,
you can buy furniture and household appliances from the aftermarket. We cooperate with
such stores and regularly receive information from them about the arrival of new
goods. Secondary household appliances also have a warranty of 6 months or more. up to a year;
- Organization of trips along the coast with our transport, an overview of the city and
attractions "Love you Antalya", weekend tours with the company
INEST HOMES (trips to the mountains, for breakfast, trips to the lakes, meeting with local
- 3 free transfers to / from the airport;
- assistance in the purchase and delivery of food products;
- escort to the clinic;
- services for the execution of a will (you pay only for the notary
certificate, other documents will be paid by us);
- full support for the lease of the property;
- psychological support: consultation related to the psychological state,
emotional disturbances, experiences, difficult life situations;
- assistance in calling emergency services and notifying close relatives;
- legal advice on all types of law (issues of Turkish
laws and laws of the country of citizenship).
- promoting a healthy lifestyle (organizing trips to the suburbs of Antalya for
easy hiking trails, yoga for retirees, developing a regime of correct
nutrition with a nutritionist, selection of nurses, housekeeping, non-medical advice
specialists to family members, in case of a significant deterioration in health
- as well as other services that our customer will need.
With us you will get a decent lifestyle and will not feel lonely.

INEST - Business

Our company provides full business support for foreign
citizens. A foreign citizen can be the owner of a business or one
from the founders in a Turkish company, regardless of the organizational and legal
forms of a legal entity. Foreign companies, in turn, may have
branches or representative offices in Turkey, for which you need to go through
registration procedure.

To carry out entrepreneurial activities on the territory of the Turkish
Republic, a legal entity must have an address. However, some types
activities do not provide for the presence of office space, which can be
register a legal address. In this case, we will help you to arrange
virtual address for submitting information to the Provincial Chamber of Commerce

In the countries of the post-Soviet space, registration of a legal entity can
any capable citizen can do it independently. In the Turkish Republic
this is done by accountants. From the beginning of registration of any form of business, to its
liquidation. Ongoing support of activities, tax liability for
timely provision of the necessary information to the state lies with
accountant. Therefore, an accountant is an important person in creating and running a business.

The main difficulty in doing business in Turkey is the lack of knowledge of the language and
nuances of legislation. Unfortunately, on the Internet there is an unreliable
information on some points, in particular, the relationship of the founders,
tax burden for different organizational and legal forms. Substantial
moments for the success of your business are legally competently built
relationships with Turkish partners, options issuance, distribution
profits, timely payment of current payments and filing tax returns,
distribution of areas of responsibility of partners and others. Our company has experience
work on legal support of business and will be happy to help you with
questions of varying degrees of complexity.

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