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Transferring funds from another country is the most common means of payment for a large purchase. To justify the transfer before the currency control of your bank, you must provide a sales contract with seals and signatures.
The owner has the right to dispose of his property in accordance with the law. Short term rentals (less than 6 months) are currently prohibited.
Failure to pay the idat is a fairly common topic. Arrears in payments can have negative consequences for you. In particular, the management company of your complex has the right to apply to the court for debt collection. In this case, you will have to pay off not only the debt itself, but also the costs associated with going to court, as well as the accrued interest on the delay in payment.
For the ease of your communication with shops, service, we fully accompany our customers at every stage of the transaction, as well as after. We will go with you to all the shops and help you with translations, bargaining and other questions that you may have.
We sell apartments in the shortest possible time, provide extended legal advice on the state of the market, demand, pricing policy. We achieve for you a quick implementation and accompany the transaction.
We provide services for the registration of transactions of any form of complexity, we negotiate the cost of services individually.
Yes, we serve not only the clients of our company, but we also accept third-party objects for trust management on a contractual basis.
Yes, we cooperate with several law firms, we will advise you on excellent professionals free of charge.
Yes, such a procedure is carried out by us, issues of registration are discussed individually.
Yes, we have a catalog of additional services in the development, at the present time, at the services of our customers are travel services, cleaning services, repairs of varying degrees of complexity, organization of holidays and celebrations.
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