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Let’s not be trivial in listing the reasons that everyone has known for a long time, these are the sea, the sun, beaches, climate, etc.

In the conditions of the modern world, other points have stood out that just a couple of years ago did not seem unique to us, so:

Reason 1.

Preservation and increase of capital.

The loyal policy of the Republic of Turkey on the world stage opens up opportunities for citizens of different countries to feel the permeability of borders, the reduction of barriers and restrictions. Antalya, one of the leaders in real estate sales in Turkey.

Reason 2.

A unique program for obtaining second citizenship.

-the opportunity to obtain a second passport based on investment (currently available at $400 thousand);

-there is no requirement to pass the Turkish language exam;

-residence in the country is not required (under the investment program);

-returnable investment (after 3 years you can sell the acquired property).

Reason 3.

Liquid investment of funds.

Real estate on the Mediterranean coast always has its high liquidity due to geographical factors. Antalya is a city with high traffic, which means that your future buyers are not local residents, but practically the whole world.

Reason 4.

Financial confidentiality.

The banking system of the Republic of Turkey allows foreign citizens to open accounts, including for the purchase of real estate. The procedure takes a small amount of time and paperwork. Banks protect the confidentiality of information about clients and their accounts.

Reason 5.

Developed infrastructure of Antalya.

A large international airport, several universities, schools, including those teaching in Russian, various sections and institutions of preschool education, international cultural life.

Multilingual society. Convenient transport links, not only within the country, but also with other countries.

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