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Reason 6.
Multicultural society.
Antalya has been welcoming foreigners for many years not only as tourists, but also as family members (in marriages), neighbors, and investors. In Antalya, foreigners are already a common and integral part of society. And their presence and contribution to the economy and culture of the country is considered as a normal phenomenon. International students and scholars come to the country for study and research, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and strengthens educational institutions.
Reason 7.
Harmonious adaptation.
Multicultural environment, educational and language opportunities, social groups and communities, hospitality of local residents, modern technology and social networks, varied activities, etc. These factors help to successfully find a balance between one’s own needs and values and the demands of the new environment and society. A person feels comfortable and emotionally stable in Antalya. It also allows you to effectively cope with stress and adapt to change.
Reason 8.
The world is on your doorstep.
Buying property in Antalya, on the shores of one of the most beautiful seas - the Mediterranean, gives you the chance to improve the quality of your life. Allows you to access a new way of life, including local traditions, cuisine, environment and mild climate. Makes it easier to travel and vacation in this country as well as abroad, you will be able to spend more time in the place you love and explore the surrounding areas.
Reason 9.
Friendly business environment.
Based on the example of the wonderful first magazine in the Republic of Turkey, Welcome to Antalya, as well as the large number of guests whose stories you can read on the pages of this stylish publication, it is clear that Antalya has a favorable and friendly business environment for opening and running a business for foreigners. The country's legislative system does not establish strict distinctions between citizens and foreigners in terms of taxation and opening companies.
Reason 10.
Change of seasons.
In Antalya, the seasons change, mild winters attract millions of guests, and sultry summers with turquoise seas have long been on the vacation calendars of residents of different countries. The uniqueness of the surrounding nature in everything: In summer - water sports, in winter ski resorts located near Antalya.

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