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Real estate investing has indeed become especially relevant in 2022, when other investment opportunities, such as foreign exchange investments, are limited or unstable. According to VTsIOM (All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center), the popularity of investments in real estate is 19% of the total number of investments, cash accumulation (23%) and bank deposits (24%).

Purchasing real estate as an investment instrument is easy to explain - the investor receives a real object that is resistant to inflation, and its value grows over time. The real estate market is characterized by inertia compared to the foreign exchange market, the relevance of which has decreased significantly.

When it comes to large investments, residential real estate is the first option to consider. This option is subject to the least risks associated with external circumstances, since apartments and houses always remain in demand and the demand for them does not weaken. Moreover, with the acquisition of residential real estate, you can achieve quick earnings. There are several ways to earn from this type of investment:

Renting out an apartment: One way to generate income is to rent out an apartment to tenants. Regular rental payments help cover the costs of acquiring and maintaining a property, as well as generate additional income.

Resale: Many investors prefer this option. Resale profit can be as high as 20-30%, especially if the property was purchased early in the construction phase and sold after the builder completes the construction.

Choosing to invest in real estate can be profitable and provide a stable income in the long run.

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