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Secondary is any property that is sold from the owner. If an apartment was purchased by an investor at the construction stage from a developer, but at the end of construction it is already sold by this investor, then formally it is considered a secondary housing. Although the apartment or house will be completely new.

Secondary housing apartments are a very popular segment in the real estate market. How can you buy an apartment on the secondary market and not die of fear? Buying an apartment is a long and resource-intensive experience that is influenced by various fears. They can be a serious barrier to buying an apartment, up to and including postponing the purchase for a long time. In the first place are fears of fraud or deception, fears of the quality of housing, fears of living (bad neighborhood, neighbors, ecology) and fears related to finances. Further, the fear of being deceived in quality and price, no one would ever want to pay money for an outright barn.

About 60% of people have financial anxiety. A large purchase requires increased attention, monetary stability and confidence that a person will not lose his job. This is especially true for buying real estate on credit.

Unlike buying a new building, buyers of secondary housing have a more standard, specific and wider range of risks. Among them: debts of previous tenants, hidden registered tenants and owners, fear of fraud on the part of the apartment owner and that the apartment may be pledged by the bank, potential heirs, share owners, arrests on pieces of land that is tied to the apartment, etc. ...

Any crisis exacerbates fears, barriers, risks. On the other hand, it exacerbates people's need for help and solutions to help meet the need. 30% of buyers who are looking for options have an objective need, while others want to realize their dreams and improve their standard of living by living by the sea. But also, a dream can be shelved. And it is during these difficult moments that people value much more the help that a professional company can offer.

First of all, we consider it important and important to inform people about the opportunities and tools that increase the reliability of the purchase process, for example, a well-executed advance payment, a clearly spelled out purchase and sale agreement, a mandatory procedure for checking an object in state bodies, settlement with the seller.

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