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Over the past five years, the level of medical care in Turkey has increased several times, which immediately attracted the attention of Western countries. The demand for medical tourism services has increased due to the low exchange rate of the Turkish lira. Medical care in this country is becoming more accessible and attractive for foreign citizens and is at a high level.

The Turkish government takes the training of medical personnel very seriously. In addition to six years of study at the university, compulsory practice in a hospital is required, which often takes place in the countries of the European Union.

Hospital equipment is necessarily licensed in Europe and meets the latest technology.

In the medical tourism industry, hair transplantation is the industry leader. It does not require additional tests and a long-term stay. In a few days you can fly to your country and soon you will be showing off your luxurious head of hair.

Eye surgeries are in second place in demand. Turkish clinics offer both vision correction surgeries and complex lens replacement surgeries. At the same time, the clinics provide free inpatient accommodation on the territory of the hospital for both the patient and the accompanying relative for the entire period of treatment.

This is followed by plastic surgery. If you want to look like Angelina Jolie then why not consider Turkey as a country for major change? Plastic surgeons successfully transplanted a human face five years ago and gave the person a new life.

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