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By purchasing an apartment in Turkey, you automatically become the owner of a share of the land on which the residential block of the entire residential complex is located. This information is indicated in the title deed for the property of Tapu. Namely, the size of the share you own is indicated. It should be understood that, according to the law, shares can be real, or they can be ideal. In a simple way, this can be explained as follows: The real share is half a house with its own exit, everything yours is separated from the adjacent neighbor, and the ideal share is (roughly speaking, but so clear, I think it will be) 1/58 share in a one-room apartment. It is not clear which angle or which centimeters belong to you, but they belong to you. That is, there is a share, but it is not allocated and its allocation is technically impossible.

Also with a share in the land on the common plot of the residential complex. Having Tapu for an apartment, as well as an indication in Tapu for a share (share) in a land plot, you cannot separate a part of the pool and put a fence in it.

Also, you need to know that the square meters of the apartment in Tapu are not indicated, as well as the address. Currently, a bill is being prepared, according to which the area of ​​the apartment itself will be indicated in Tapu, but so far this is under development. As soon as such a law comes into force, we will immediately inform you about it. And regarding the address, information from the cadastre is used (hell, parcel).

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