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To pay for a purchase, it is very convenient to use an account in the Republic of Turkey and issue a money transfer to your account. So, let's figure out what is needed for this and what consequences it has.

To open an account in a Turkish bank, you need to have a translation of your foreign passport (only translation from a translator without notarization), tax number, registration address.

The opening of an account takes place on the day of contacting the bank, several accounts in different currencies are opened immediately (at your request).

The bank employee will ask you for what purpose the account is opened - for the purchase of real estate. At the same time, if you wish, you can immediately receive a card for using the account. If you want a card with contactless payment (temazsis), then within 1 week it will be sent to you by mail to the specified address in Turkey.

For Russia:

As a general rule, a report on the movement of funds in foreign accounts or deposits with the Federal Tax Service (FTS) must be submitted by all Russian citizens who are recognized as foreign currency residents, as well as those who permanently reside in Russia on the basis of a residence permit. Only those who spend more than 183 days a year in Russia are considered foreign currency residents. If a Russian spends more than six months abroad in a calendar year, he ceases to be a currency resident and does not submit a report. The term is considered cumulatively, on an accrual basis from January 1 to December 31. The date of entry and exit from Russia is not taken into account in the total amount of days. The presence of a second citizenship and a bank account in the "second home" does not exempt from this obligation.

For Ukraine:

Ukrainians, like citizens of the Russian Federation, prefer to keep their money in banks abroad. Moreover, since 2018, the procedure for opening accounts abroad for legal entities and individuals from Ukraine has been significantly simplified. The government lifted restrictions that previously obliged foreign account holders to obtain a special NBU license. But some relaxation in the field of currency control does not abolish the obligation of residents of Ukraine to notify the tax authorities and the NBU about registering an account abroad no later than 3 days from the date of opening. The fact is that the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine keeps records of the accounts of taxpayers carrying out activities in both national and foreign currencies, including accounts registered abroad. But, it is important to note that Ukraine has not yet signed an agreement on the automatic exchange of information, so a foreign bank cannot send information about your receipts and / or account balances to the Ukrainian tax authorities.

For Belarus Kazakhstan:

According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan, citizens of these countries can also freely open accounts abroad. But on the account of notifying the authorities, the governments of the republics have opposite opinions. In Kazakhstan, the tax authorities are not required to notify the tax authorities about the presence of settlement, savings or investment accounts in foreign banks. And in Belarus, the situation with currency control is more stringent. Individuals and individual entrepreneurs who are tax residents of Belarus will have to inform the tax authorities about opening or closing accounts in foreign banks. As in Russia, the term for providing such a notification is 30 days from the date of opening an account. Fines from 2 to 30 basic units (46-690 rubles).

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