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Whenever there is an idea to learn something, to study, we, thanks to technology, go to the search engine and begin to study the issue. And you immediately see a lot of different agencies presenting themselves, of course, in the best light, but how else? No one will write something like “we do not have specialists with real estate licenses” or “we work on the highest commissions”, etc. Therefore, to understand who is better and with whom he will be calm for his money, for the reliability of the information received.
We want to say a little about ourselves, we are not used to praising ourselves, but we will not belittle our dignity either, because we have been moving towards our professional growth for a long time.
Who are our buyers? First of all, our company is focused on the Russian-speaking buyer, Russian is our native language and this is important for communication.
This is archi important, because. laws in Turkey change quite often, keeping track of the latest changes in various areas in time is one of our main tasks. However, we have expanded our geography and now we have a large client base of foreign buyers, which we are proud of without false modesty. Everyone needs to take into account the mentality, different languages ​​and explain the information as clearly as possible, for this we have specialists with knowledge of different languages.
Our company INEST HOMES will be your reliable guide in the field of real estate in the Antalya coast. We have more than 10 years of experience, we have our own objects for exclusive sale, our specialists are maximally informed about the areas of the city, development plans, trends in the development of social infrastructure in various areas of the city.
Our portfolio includes more than 400 objects, including ready-made offers, projects under construction, projects with and without various infrastructure, convenient payment plans received from developers. Before offering you a project, our lawyers check permits, managers analyze the construction project to tell you which apartment will be hotter, because. faces the sunny side, which apartment will be sold to investors faster.
We offer a wide range of services, which we describe in sufficient detail on our website.
There are no random people in our team, everyone who works in our team is people who want to work, we are interested in doing this business, and therefore we approach work with maximum responsibility.
We are glad to see you among our customers,
Sincerely, CEO Inna Danilova

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