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If you have decided for yourself that your dream home by the sea is just a new home where you
the first owner, with his first cat, then should consider objects on
the initial stage of construction.
Why primary?
The developer includes in the implementation of his objects the maximum number of
time of 3 years. Practice shows that by the end of the 2nd year in large projects there are no
there are still offers from a construction company, in small projects (one residential
block) a year and a half. Often during this period, private sellers enter the arena
investors who purchased apartments at the very zero cycle. During this period, the price
is already rising, growth may exceed 15%. Therefore, consider the opinion
professional realtor and do not be afraid to buy from reliable developers of zero
cycle. You can often hear the following opinion: “if it’s built and I’ll buy it in a new house”.
Of course, if there is something to buy and in 97% of cases with an increase in price. And choice
there are practically no apartments.
A professional realtor carefully studies the activities of developers, their
financial situation in possible ways. Checks and clarifies information,
before offering you construction projects. Reputation about the developer
spreads very quickly, developers bravely fight for it, tk. this is a business and
everyone wants him to prosper.
During the construction period, government agencies conduct several examinations
construction, and, in case of violation of building codes and regulations, the construction will be
frozen. Thus, having studied the previously erected by a specific developer
facilities where there was no downtime, delivery of facilities significantly later than the deadline, problems with
by issuing Tapu to buyers (seizure of property), then we can conclude about a decent
the developer and draw up a contract.
Buying under construction provides a convenient payment plan. From 30% to
50% interest is provided for an initial payment and then broken up
payments before the end of construction. The amount and procedure for payments is established according to
mutual agreement of the parties (monthly, quarterly, every six months).
A written contract is drawn up between the developer and the buyer, which
sealed with the signatures and seal of the construction company. Make payments you
you can either in cash or to the bank account of the construction company.
Termination of the contract is possible if you change your mind or do not have
the ability to close the deal at the end of construction. In such a case, how
usually a fine will be charged. The condition of the fine is stipulated in the contract.

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