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We all know about the abundance of Turkish products and especially the rich
range of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is especially pleasing
abundance in autumn and winter. I often observe the picture when our
compatriots, having entered the Turkish market for the first time, enthusiastically take pictures
video of colorful stalls.
By the way, both locals and visitors love the markets here. You are always on the market
You can choose the freshest vegetables, fruits, herbs. Here awaits you
a huge selection of cheeses, homemade milk and eggs. Olive stall
will make you stop, try several kinds and, believe me, even,
if you don't like olives, you will definitely buy something here.
The range of fresh fish and seafood will also not leave you
indifferent. Indeed, in addition to fish grown in artificial reservoirs, in
For sale there is a fish caught in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
Markets in Turkey are "nomadic". This means that for each area
a territory is fixed where a market is open on a certain day of the week.
Actually , it is very convenient .
How are things going with products in stores? Everyone who was in Turkey, rather
in total, they know the largest supermarket chain Migros and chains of economy markets
BIM, ŞOK and A101. There you can always find products for every taste and budget.
Are there products that “our” person is used to, but which are not on sale
in Turkey? I think no. Some five years ago, many experienced
deficiency in products such as buckwheat, herring, condensed milk. For today
day these "overseas" products can be easily bought in stores. Recently
I even saw that in one of the supermarkets in Antalya appeared on the shelves
products of baby food canned by the Russian manufacturer TM
"Frutonyanya". So Turkish retailers are doing everything for us to be
comfortable and delicious.
“But what about the prices? " - you ask .
Over the past year, the percentage of inflation was more than 50%. Naturally, this
greatly affected prices. But even taking into account the rise in price, prices in Turkey for
many products remain cheaper than in many countries of the former CIS,
this is especially true for vegetables, fruits, herbs and dairy products. Prices
for meat, fish, alcohol and tobacco products remain expensive.
If we talk about specific figures, official sources report that
as of January 2022, the minimum cost of a food basket for
a family of 4 (two adults and two children) is 4,249 TL
What products are our compatriots bringing from Turkey when
returning home? Of course, Turkish coffee, various spices,
fragrant Turkish delight and everyone's favorite baklava.

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