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Step 1. Reasoning on the topic ………

At first, everything got tired, it's gray and boring, I want to live always by the sea. Long painful reasoning: is it worth breaking away from the familiar place, suddenly I will not succeed, and so on.

A leisurely life by the sea is the ultimate dream of all residents of bustling megacities, tired of the frantic daily rhythm, eerie ecology, round-the-clock noise and many kilometers of traffic jams. More and more people have recently been seriously thinking about moving to a place where there is clean air and water, you do not need to leave the house three hours before the start of the working day in order to get there on time, and the only night noise is the melodic and lulling sound of the surf. And the pros and cons of living at sea are becoming the main reason for reflection.


Step 2. Search and generalization of information.

You have decided on the country - Turkey, this step is the most important. To understand your capabilities and prospects, you need to have information. The country is large and there are not many Russian-speaking people everywhere, there are differences in mentality with the local population, this may turn out to be a problem for some - who will be your new friend or neighbor. The most common "warm cities" along the Mediterranean coast. These are Antalya, Alania, Kemer, Kas, Fethiye. These cities are the most famous of tourist trips. There are still small villages near these towns (do not think that they all look like the “end of geography” area or “people don’t live here.” There are a lot of just wonderful places on the coast where you will breathe deeply enjoying the midday sun. dream about it, you need to realize it, because there is only one life.

Start with the simplest and most accessible: the Internet, blogs, friends, acquaintances. It is useful to read stories about how life looks from the inside in a country of interest to you. This will help you determine the direction where you really want to go. And if you already have a goal, you will get a more accurate picture of what may await you.

The most important thing here is the following: there are all specialists on the Internet, this is very deceptive. Some of my acquaintances, when they came here, lost some of their hard-earned money, because they listened to the advice of people who, as it turned out later, did not understand the topic at all. I don’t want to offend anyone, but the hairstyle specialists were actively giving legal advice, and the cleaning specialists understood the contracts with the developer. Listening to non-professionals is very dangerous.


Step 3. We estimate our strength.

You have decided on the budget for housing, chose the area of ​​the city, consulted with our company on the purchase procedure, what amounts and what you need to spend from paying for an apartment to related expenses in detail. When buying real estate, there are payments "from above": taxes, state duties, registration of subscription agreements for connecting communications, the Internet, customs clearance of the phone, furnishing an apartment, buying household appliances, monthly aidat, etc.

Estimate your monthly standard of living, estimate passive income, calculate the amount that you will have to take with you for emergency supplies.


Step 4. Strategy and timing of the move.

Pick a season when you want to do this. July and August are the hottest weather, if possible, take these months to do nothing. Or entrust part of the work to us, and we will be happy to arrange everything, supply the furniture, connect the meters.

Do not think that there is seasonality in the pricing policy in Antalya. There is always a demand for real estate and the price in the fall may not only not fall, but rise.

While you are preparing a new apartment and for this you need to live somewhere, feel free to come, we will select temporary housing for you (from an inexpensive hotel to an apartment).

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