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Climate, geography and air:
The UAE is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf and is famous for its tall skyscrapers and desert landscapes. Climatic conditions are hot and dry, especially during the summer months.
Connecting the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a diverse geography with mountains, beaches and rich historical architecture. The climate in Turkey is also varied, from Mediterranean on the coast to continental inland.
According to the IQAIR website, Dubai's air quality index (air pollution) is 149, which is harmful to vulnerable groups of people. In Turkey, namely in Antalya, the air quality index is already 65, this is the average indicator of air pollution

Investment Opportunities:
The United Arab Emirates is a tempting place to invest in real estate due to a stable economy and an influx of tourists. Dubai in particular attracts international real estate investment and offers high rental returns.
Türkiye provides good opportunities for investment in real estate. Citizenship through the purchase of real estate, a growing tourism sector, strategic location and economic development make Turkey an attractive market for real estate investment.
For comparison, consider the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in real estate. To become a resident of the UAE, an investor buys real estate in one of the two emirates, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, worth from $205,000. The duration of the residence permit depends on the amount of investment:
2 years of a resident card, if you buy a finished property from $ 205,000
10 years - purchase a finished or under construction object in the amount of $ 544,000.
In Turkey, a residence permit on the basis of ownership of real estate is issued when the threshold of the cadastral value of the object is 75 thousand dollars or the equivalent in euro / lira, and after living in Turkey for 5 years on this residence permit, you can obtain citizenship. Also, the acquisition of real estate in Turkey for a total amount of at least 400,000 US dollars directly entitles you to citizenship.
We would like to note that, according to the law, the provision of the 23rd article of the Constitution of the Republic prevents the expulsion and transfer of a Turkish citizen to another state. Also, this article prohibits the refusal of entry into Turkey to a citizen of the Republic. The provision of the 23rd article guarantees the right of every Turkish citizen to freely exit and enter the country. Article 62 of the Constitution of the Republic guarantees every citizen all possible protection and patronage of Turkey abroad, as well as, upon request, assistance with returning to the country.

Real estate prices:
The UAE is known for its high level of luxury and real estate prices. In recent years, housing prices in the UAE have become more competitive.
Türkiye offers more affordable property prices compared to the UAE. The real estate market in Turkey is diverse, and prices can vary significantly depending on the region and type of property.
The Turkish real estate market has not declined in dollar terms, it is profitable to invest in it even against the backdrop of economic turmoil. Compare: in 2022, the average cost of 1m2 of real estate in Turkish Lira has more than doubled, according to realtor sales. At the same time, the average cost per square meter in dollars at the beginning of 2022 was $1,010 and rose to $1,700 at the end of 2022. In areas with high demand, such as Istanbul, Bodrum, prices have increased by 3-4 times


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