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Today we want to draw the attention of non-professional investors.

Everyone dreams of increasing their capital, and not many have information on how to do this on the stock exchange, and besides, this is a very risky approach. With a very clear amount, it is difficult to take risks knowing that you can lose.

Real estate in Turkey, or rather in Antalya, is an investment without risks, such investments are also called conservative. By investing in real estate, you will not only be able to increase your capital, but also be able to relax and live in the Mediterranean.

The liquidity of housing is determined by the ability to quickly sell their property with an increase.

According to the official statistics office of Turkey, 2,264 properties were sold in Antalya in May 2021, of which 341 properties were purchased by foreigners.

And by the end of the first quarter of 2021, prices jumped by 13.59%, from the fourth quarter of 2020 - by 3.02%. Given that the rise in prices for the same period last year, the growth was 2.85%.

Investments in real estate under construction remain extremely favorable. Indeed, at the end of construction, the price rises by more than 7%.

Qualified specialists will help you to find liquid real estate, diversify the package of investments in the real estate market. Contact us, we work transparently and legally, no overpayments.

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