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Turkish bath, or Hamam (according to the tour) is one of the favorite entertainments of both the local population and tourists. Hamam is absolutely not like a Russian bath and has many features.
The local population goes to the hammam to get rid of stress and relax, and tourists travel during their holidays, purchasing tours of this exotic entertainment from hotel guides or street agencies.
Hamam is in demand by everyone, because the essence of visiting is not only to just wash, people go here for communication, entertainment, relaxation and beauty.
Hamam can be called the primary source of modern Spa centers.
The second feature of Hamams is that they themselves do not wash themselves here. There is always a staff in the hamam (attendants, they can be both men and women), who will first make you peeling, then foam massage, cleansing your skin, and then followed by a relaxing aroma massage, face masks, herbal teas.
But you can always refuse the services of bath attendants.
The hammam is also popular for its temperature regime, when the room is 50-60 degrees, and the humidity level reaches 100%, while you lie on a warm marble stone, which warms up your whole body.
In Turkey, there are both mixed and separate hamams with a female and male section.
Also an important point of visiting the hamam - they don’t go naked here, you must be in swimming trunks / swimsuits, plus you will be given a special, often ruffled towel - peshtemal.

In Antalya, as in other cities, there are historical hamams, modern and touristic.

Some of the most popular hamams in Antalya:
Demirhan Hamam
Onay Hamam (there are several branches throughout the city)
Topkapi Hamam

And also many 5 * hotels have their own wonderful hamams.

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