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Until now, everyone in the Republic of Turkey could get vaccinated under the state program. However, such an opportunity was provided only to persons living in the country, i.e. citizens of the country and equivalent residents of the country who have a residence permit for residence in Turkey. Currently, in accordance with a special letter from the Ministry of Health of the country, vaccination of foreign citizens without a residence permit is allowed.

Amendments have been made for foreign citizens who do not reside in Turkey and do not have a residence permit. According to the Turkish Ministry of Health, the entire range of anti-epidemic measures and widespread vaccination programs adopted in our country due to the Covid-19 pandemic allow us to control the spread of the disease.

Also, the letter from the Ministry of Health says that the presence of people in society without a vaccine from the point of view of protecting public health and social immunity poses a serious risk. In this regard, it is imperative that people requesting a vaccine have access to vaccinations.

When a vaccine is administered by healthcare organizations, a registration fee of 400 lira will be charged in accordance with the code S100041 included in the list of additional tariffs for the provision of medical services, as well as a fee for the vaccination itself.

Vaccination is carried out in specialized honey. institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health, under the supervision of persons authorized by provincial health administrators.

Number for clarification of this information 184 - assistance to foreigners in Turkey in terms of medical assistance.

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