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Working with private investors, I have often heard versions that I call "banal",however, they are very simple, although they are criticized. But, nevertheless, here they are:
- real estate always grows in value (on the example of the Antalya coast it is difficult to argue, because official statistics confirm these facts;

- real estate is guaranteed to protect against inflation (yes!)

- 30% of the wealth of the richest people in the world have such "reserves" (and many know it this way);
- no knowledge is needed (agree ?????) do not rush.

I do not quite share all these versions, but each of them is like two sides of a coin.

The main thing in the real estate package I call - Psychological calmness that real estate gives, and this becomes especially important when you start to draw out a part of your income for consumer needs.
If you are a supporter of a stock portfolio, then during periods of high volatility, it becomes not entirely clear, and sometimes it is not at all clear how much money you can withdraw this month. The portfolio "fell", analysts are crying from the coming depression.

Real estate "relaxes" you, even if the minimum income, but will fall into the account (in the version of the least liquid object).
Real estate prices are volatile all over the world, however, it is in those places where demand exceeds supply that it becomes psychologically easier to own such an asset.

The real estate asset reduces the investor's sleepless nights.

INEST HOMES will collect offers of the most liquid and reliable portfolio for you.

CEO of Real Estate Agency Inna Danilova

Yours faithfully,

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